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GAL Fish Collagen Peptides 150g

Most proteins that build up the bodies of mammals are collagen proteins, as our skin, bones, joints, blood vessels, connective tissues. 


GAL Fish Collagen Peptides

And other organs are mostly made up of these. So far 28 types of collagen proteins were identified; however, 90% of collagens that constitute our body belong to a single type, type I collagen. 

Beauty and flexibility

Recommended consumption: It is best consumed with breakfast and/or before going to bed. You can mix it into any kind of liquid, even into a hot soup. Its taste can be easily masked: a tasty drink can be made by mixing the product into warm water, milk or coconut milk, sweetened, flavored with vanilla. It tastes even better if you add cereals or sliced/blended bananas. A great way to start your day in the morning.

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