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Naturland Swedish Bitter 40% alcohol 500ml

Indicated Use: Swedish Bitters are effective in the treatment of gastro-intestinal discomfort, body aches and pains. Taken orally, the drops stimulate secretion of gastric juice and bile, a process that is known to decrease or relieve the discomfort caused by gas. Bitters support the improvement of appetite and gastro-intestinal processes. Its volatile and aromatic components contribute to strengthening and harmonizing the body. Swedish Bitters are also used as a massaging or compressing drug to cool aches and relieve pain, and therefore can be effectively used to treat minor and major musculoskeletal disorders as well as bruises and swellings arising from minor accidents.

Directions: Internal: It is recommended to drink with water or non-flavored tea - to improve appetite: half an hour before principal meals; - to stimulate digestion: during or right after meals; - to  strengthen the body during convalescence after infectious or other long-term diseases: after principal meals. 2-3 times 1 teaspoon daily diluted. External: thoroughly rub or compress in order to relieve pain. Can be used many times but not more than 5 times daily.

Ingredients: Agrimoniae herba, Angelicae radix, Anisi stellati fructus, Aurantii pericarpium dulcis, Aurantii pericarpium dulcis, Aurantii amari pericarpium, Cardui benedicti herba, Carlina acaulis radix, Caryophylli flos, Centaurii herba, Chamomillae anthodium, Cubebae fructus, Galangae radix, Gentianae rhizoma et radix, Liquiritiae rhizoma et radix, Manna, Mentha piperitae folium, Myristicae semen, Myrrha, Rosmarini folium, Trifolii fibrini folium, Verbasci flos, Zedoariae rhizoma, Theriak sine opio, caramel, alcohol, distilled water.


Product contains 40 v/v % alcohol that equals to 1,5 g alcohol per dose (1 teaspoon).

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